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Possible Scenario of how a Special Interest Group would run

Educate and Encourage with :

A possible scenario:  Philosophy Group     

Convenor talk through possible methods of establishing a discussion programme.

*          Google Possible Topics: The Forum; Themed Collections

*          The Library as a resource

*          Ted TAKS EG: Stoicism, a philosophy for an ordinary life

*          Group members take turns at selecting a topic from the list (or conceiving the idea)

*          Email topic to groups in advance so each member can research and formulate discussion ideas

At the meeting: 

·       each member invited to present their thoughts

·       Time for debating the arguments

·       Another variation is view the TED talk on the topic and discuss

Sample topics (The list is endless)

1.Is responsibility a choice or an obligation?

2. Do we have responsibility for our thoughts?

3. What is the relationship between values and virtues?

4. What is the difference between ethics and morality?

5. Is civil disobedience compatible with the rule of law?

6. Sovereignty, why is it so highly prized ? Is it still a useful concept in the 21st century?

7. Are we more or less prejudiced than at other points in our history? Is prejudice always wrong or even avoidable?

Thanks to Daniel Tran - Unsplash

Thanks to Daniel Tran - Unsplash

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