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Your local place to learn and teach - shared learning about things you are (or want to be) passionate about.

Lectures from experts and other interesting people

Monthly (or twice monthly depending on demand) lectures from subject experts and other interesting people

Special Interest Groups - shared learning with other like-minded people

Small groups that meet in peoples homes or other locations, and research and discuss topics.  These might include walking groups, Philosophy, Art History, Technology - any number of topics

Membership only $30 a year

To give you access to the lectures and special interest groups.

Volunteers will be needed from the membership to convene special interest groups and for each meeting.

Comments and Articles

Refugees angst laid bare

'Third Age'Uni popular - Cambridge News article

International Banker Talks

Comments from U3A Cambridge members

"U3A Cambridge has filled in something in my life that I didn't realise I was missing."

"I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy the lecture meetings, but after listening to Peter Nicholl at the first meeting, I am now convinced"

Lecture meetings will be held on the second Friday of the month (after the first few months which are on different dates) from 10.30 - 12.00. Arrive earlier or stay later and enjoy the cafe at the Woolshed

The Woolshed

Te Awa Lifecare

1866 Cambridge Road


Check out the planned list of speakers and meeting dates and don't forget to register!

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