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Our progress from the public interest meeting

We had a great public interest meeting on Tuesday 24th May, download below a copy of the email that went out to people afterwards.

We are having a follow up public interest meeting on Friday 17th June at 10 for 10.30 for people who couldn't make it, people who have just found out about U3A Cambridge and for people to join the special interest groups.  Please register hereor email us to let us know you are attending at

Meeting Day for Lectures - The vote was for meetings to be held on the second Friday of each month, so we will adjust to this.  HOWEVER the speaker in August Al Gillespie will remain on Tuesday 9th August as a one off.

Meeting Location - We are investigating alternatives to the Cambridge Health & Community Centre to accommodate larger groups (the limit there is around 90), and will update you on this.  We are aiming to get somewhere with good parking and accessibility.

Membership - This is now open - join as a member by filling in this form (click here) and paying the $30 in cash at the next meeting or directly into the bank account that comes up when you submit your membership application.  Or you can email us at and do the same with the money.

Special Interest Groups - these are a core part of U3A Cambridge.  There is a lot more information here for you to sign up and find out more - click here.

Thanks to Bruce Hancock for taking these pictures

Lectures from experts and other interesting people

Monthly (or twice monthly depending on demand) lectures from subject experts and other interesting people

Special Interest Groups - shared learning with other like-minded people

Small groups that meet in peoples homes or other locations, and research and discuss topics.  These might include walking groups, Philosophy, Art History, Technology - any number of topics

Membership only $30 a year

To give you access to the lectures and special interest groups.

Volunteers will be needed from the membership to convene special interest groups and for each meeting.

Lecture meetings will be held on the second Friday of the month (after the first few months which are on different dates) from 10.30 - 12.00. Arrive earlier or stay later and enjoy the cafe at the Woolshed

The Woolshed

Te Awa Lifecare

1866 Cambridge Road


Check out the list of speakers and meeting dates on that page

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