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Learning in Depth with a U3A Mini Series

Several times throughout the year U3A brings in a guest lecturer to run a mini series.  An example of a recent lecture series is below.

Usually, on a Monday, over a period of three or four weeks the lectures run for 90 minutes.  It is a casual and friendly format with a question time at the end.  Class size is limited to 35 so early registration is recommended. You must be a current U3A member to attend and there is a small registration fee.

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An Example from a previous Mini Series -
The Interplay Between Art and Popular Culture

Lecture 1

For example we will take a look at Jackson Pollock’s splash and dash application of paint to his canvas in the late 1940’s and how it was appropriated a little later in the 1950’s to create “skater” patterns on lino flooring. 

Lecture 2

For example we will look at the Simpson’s cartoon series as a goldmine for art references, the most classic example being Edward Hopper’s famous painting Nighthawks, 1942.

Lecture 3

For example we will show how Salvador Dali collaborated on the 1945 Alfred Hitchcock film, Spellbound, and incorporated into the visual components elements taken straight out of his own works.

Peter Dornauf - Lecturer

Peter Dornauf (MA, Dip Tchg) has taught in secondary schools, Wintec and Waikato University collectively for over 25 years. He is a well known Waikato artist, art critic and a writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction and general academic.  Peter presents lectures on art and architecture, philosophy and literature.  His talks always draw on his broad knowledge of the classics and history, legends and literature.  Peter is able to make the most complex ideas accessible and his lectures are always stimulating and thought provoking.


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